Melrose Station Bar & Restaurant in Hollywood by Archillusion Design

Melrose Station is the Hollywood’s new modern speakeasy bar. The idea was to create a hidden bar that would evoke the feeling of being transported back in time. The concept of drinking alcohol in a “secret” location is intended to give off a feeling of the prohibition period. It was very important for us to integrate the feeling of the 1920s era, when alcohol was illegal in the U.S.

Guests who find their way to the “secret” bar, will have the opportunity to experience the hidden passageway to the station, which is disguised inside of the adjacent popular hookah lounge in Hollywood.

The Melrose Station is an invitation-only establishment, and the only way for guests to gain entry into the hidden bar is to obtain a “train ticket” that normally would be used to board the train. Once inside the secret passageway and with the train tickets in hand, visitors would be allowed to pass into the nightspot through a vintage telephone booth. Shortly after the “time warp” they would be immersed by the aesthetic design of the 1920s train stations.

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