Macaroon Lamp by Christian Troels for Lucie Kaas

Industrial designer Christian Troels designs a lamp series for Lucie Kaas inspired by the French delicacy, “le macaron”.

Like the “macaron” itself, the lamp consists of three perfectly balanced layers, merging the interaction between the light and heavy. The shiny colorful ceramics adds depth and personality, whereas the contrasting opal glass adds a matte detail and gives a pleasant dimmable light to the room. The brass ring in the middle of the lamp brings the lamp together, harmonizing the different materials effortlessly into each other. Round like the French delicacy, the Macaroon lamps gives rooms a simple elegance with a touch of humor.

Christian Troels about the design:

I have designed the Macaroon lamp series with the purpose of balancing humor and elegance in one design. I wish to put a smile on people’s face and awake curiosity when they see the lamp series.

Christian Troels holds a master’s degree from Kolding School of Design in Denmark. In 2013, he established the studio, Christian Troels Product Design, where he develops a wide variety of products – from LEGO, to furniture, and lamps. In 2014, he won the award “Lamp of the Year” at the Danish Design Awards for his MUTATIO lamp designed for LE KLINT. Christian Troels masters both the conceptual and technical aspects of the design process. His work philosophy is guided by a playful approach when designing products that stand out in a crowd.

The Macaroon series consists of a pendant lamp which comes in the colors light grey and dark grey and a table lamp which comes in the colors nude, light grey and dark grey. The appealing colors fit harmoniously into the contemporary home.

  1. I want to buy a macaroon lamp. Is that possible in Holland? If not In Belgium?

    Thanks for your answer,
    Kind regards,

    Ellen Visser

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