Lucciano’s Ice Cream Café in in Córdoba, Argentina by FERRO & ASSOC. Architects

FERRO & ASSOC. Architects have recently completed the flagship store of Lucciano’s, an artisan ice cream cafe.
Located in Córdoba, Argentina, the cafe has an outdoor seating area that features two giant iron bird cages, that allow for a unique seating experience.

Materials used throughout the cafe include concrete, stone, wood, ceramic, marble, and iron. The sign on the exterior of the cafe has been ‘cut-out’ from the wood slat siding.

Inside, a split level creates designated areas for seating and ordering. Floor-to-ceiling folding glass doors can be opened to connect the seating area to the patio outside, while on the lower level, a long couch gives people a place to wait for their order.

Lighting above the ice cream display draws the customers eye, while a neon light sign brightens up the black wall.

Black steel stairs with a wood accent and another neon light, guide customers up to the rooftop.

The rooftop offers further seating, like swings, tables and chairs, and couches, with a view of the neighborhood.

Photography by Gonzalo Viramonte