LOOP Lamps by Tessa Geuze

LOOP from Tessa Geuze is a lamp series designed to create a direct interaction to lighting. As candles were lit by matches, LEDs start shining by closing an electrical circuit.

The material properties of porcelain makes it an ideal reflector, placed into an aluminium base that acts as an ideal heatsink. LOOP was created together with Emilia Borgvall and Sophie Ohlsen.

Tessa Geuze:

With LOOP we have tried to encourage the user to interact with the light source. Light is on one hand a natural phenomenon, and on the other hand an electrical circuit. In LOOP we intend to combine these two aspects by using a round porcelain plate to spread the light evenly and inviting the user to literally close the circuit through magnetic activation. The inspiration of the shape comes from the natural phenomenon of the sun it’s solar eclipse. The cable runs around the lighting fixture to frame the electrical circuit.

We made use of unglazed porcelain since its material properties makes an ideal light reflector. Next to that, a rim runs all around the porcelain plate to hold the cable in place. The base is made from extruded aluminium. It houses the electrical components and acts as an ideal heat sink for the LED.

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