Lofe Coffee Table by Julie Hong

Lofe is a coffee table, designed by Julie Hong, that searches to find the balance between form, mass, and material. It has a low balanced stance and a large silhouette that introduced heavy mass into your space, like a huge rock. Because mass can be perceived as loud, I wanted to contrast the weight with the softness of fabric to balance.

It is necessary to find a space where we can disconnect ourselves from technology and find a space that you can truly relax. I begin to search different elements that makes us feel a sense of tranquility and peace. Two elements I discovered were heavy and soft. Heavy weight can be translated as a sense of peace whether it is visually big or exaggerated or actual weight of an object.

Living room space can be cluttered due to little things like TV remote, magazines, charging cables, etc. Lofe offers hidden storage space underneath wood lid so that you can maintain your coffee table space clean and minimize visual noise in your space.

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