LITTLE WING Side Table by Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes for DK3

LITTLE WING is the small indispensable universal table from DK3 that can be used anywhere in the home with its light and timeless design.

The idea behind the table is to use two equal parts, which together form a table whose strong visual character is the contrast between the delicate, slender and light strokes from one angle opposite the voluminous expressions from the other.

LITTLE WING can be used as coffee table, side table, bedside table and so on. With two different heights and two tabletop sizes and several color combinations, you can really play with the composition. The little detail between the two parts is a nice touch, which clarifies the composition of the two parts, the table consists of.

The tablet has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian designer trio Petter Knudsen, Anders Berg, Steinar Hindenes.

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