Lampoda MOD A Floor Lamp by Lamberti Decor

The innovation of this new piece of design lies in its simplicity and elegance. Its shape recalls a futurist theme since the thunder is synonymous of dynamism, speed and power. A lamp with this shape, combined with the wisdom of the design, shows the essence that we look for in such an object.

It is pure energy and we don’t realize if the light is born or if it a consequence of this effective and simple shape. Because it is a lighting object it creates immediately a relationship between its shape and the graphic concept. Everything tightens around an abstract and natural representation at the same time. The polished steel gives the idea of strength but it also has the ability to amplify the reflecting light, expanding its effect on the whole environment.

Going briefly back to the Futurists, one gets the impression of a “flower power”, something that has both the features of the natural element that the substance of the energy charge. Therefore LampOda has a strong presence: it catalyzes what is happening in the surrounding space, it “reflects” what it is around it, becoming an intermediate point. It is both a piece of furniture, and the center of attraction, a visual gravity point of the room where it is placed

Design by Lamberti Decor

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