How To Protect Furniture From Water Damage

Wood furniture is so often preferred whenever homeowners want to add some long lasting elegance to a home or just a room. It is quite easy to understand why since natural wood has a high longevity and is perfect as a really valuable house addition. In time, it actually becomes a family heirloom.

The problem is that all wood items require extreme maintenance and care. You can so easily end up with wood that becomes rotten or that does not look that great if you do not take care of it as you should. Wood furniture has to be in a perfect condition. This is much easier said than done. Fix It Right Plumbing highlights some ways in which you can protect wood furniture from one of its biggest dangers, water.

Avoiding Water Stains

As wet or damp items stay on wood for a long period of time, stains appear. Usually, this is common as cups are placed right on the wood. Similarly, when you do not take care of a spill, the wood ends up absorbing water, creating damage.

You need to be sure that coasters are used when drinks are put on surfaces made out of wood. Also, it is important to waterproof the trays under plants. Prevent more water damage through the use of tablecloths. In the event that liquid spills happen, remove the tablecloths as soon as you can. Glass tabletops are wonderful and can easily be used on wood furniture. This will make the surface much easier to clean and you can protect the wood.

Protecting Wood Furniture From Mold And Mildew

When the area you live in has very high humidity, be extra careful with furniture. It has to be protected from the appearance of mold and mildew. Wood is a natural substance and can be a really good food source and habitat for various organisms. If exposed to humidity and water for a long period of time, it becomes very attractive for other organisms.
Some easy steps can be taken to prevent the appearance of mildew and mold. For instance, you can add a simple dehumidifier inside the home. Wooden furniture should stay away from the parts of the home with higher humidity levels. This includes kitchens and bathrooms.

Water Sealing And Polishing Wood Furniture

Every single homeowner needs to make sure that wood furniture is protected and always cleaned as it should be. This is what keeps the material lasting for long periods of time. When cleaning wood, make sure that the cleaner you utilize is not based on water. It should not be really harsh. In both cases, damage would be caused.

After you clean wood furniture, use a polish or a wax that creates a very good protective layer. This is important since it keeps the liquid from causing extra damage or being absorbed by the wood.

Always be extremely careful with wood furniture. Water is definitely its biggest enemy. Never postpone cleaning and be cautious with how you act around the furniture.