House in Rato, Lisbon, Portugal by Chp Arquitectos

The design consists of the refurbishment and expansion of an existing building in one of Lisbon’s historic neighbourhoods.

The vernacular characteristics of the front facade were refurbished and clarified. Inside the design aims to create and free space on each floor, enhancing its size and scale, and creating a dialogue between the front and back facades, enabling light to entre through both directions. All technical aspects inherent to a contemporary family house are resolved through a block at the centre of each floor, liberating the side walls, unveiling both facades.

The back facade retrieves a rhythm created by windows and balconies, so tipical in Lisbon’s historic architecture. A house priviliging simplicity, flooded with light, highlighting the importance given to the selection of materials and to the details they imply.

Photography by Francisco Nogueira

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