Hotel Lutetia in Paris by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Take a tour of the recently renovated Hotel Lutetia in Paris, renovated by the project of Jean-Michel Wilmotte architecture practice with furnishings from Lema Contract. The showstopping hotel took more than for your years to renovate, with a budget of over 200 million euros it is today a prime luxury destination in Paris. Hôtel Lutetia will open it’s door on the 12th of July, located in the Saint Germain.

The hotel was open first back in 1910 by the famed hotelier Margherite Boucicaut. The iconic hotel was bought by Israeli group Alrov who worked on turning it once again into one of the most prestigious 5 star hotels on the Rive Gauche. This was no small task, by the vision of Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the design teams at Lema Contract worked on 175 rooms including the stunning Josephine Baker Suite.

“The Lutetia Hotel project, the biggest managed by Lema Contract in the French capital, fascinated us right from the start, and we are honoured to be a partner of such an iconic refurbishment in one of the world’s fashion capitals. An ambitious project that kept our Lema Contract team busy for four years and that reconfirms the deep connection that ties us to each project: every developer can find in Lema an extremely well-prepared partner, we can interpret and translate every aesthetic need but most of all functional need through our accurate sartorial service. The know-how that we built over the years allows us to work with developers and architects to analyse the feasibility of the whole project, and we are able to set a timescale and cost prediction, as well as completing both the furniture and the structural fittings. The Contract side of Lema’s business is evermore strategic: the volumes developed by the division represent today 50% of our revenue, with important growth percentages. We are now operating on various residential projects in Asia especially in the multi-apartment side, and we are growing also in the Retail sector thanks to our prestigious and continuous new openings” – shared Lema President Angelo Meroni.

Over the course of 4 years on this massive project over 50 team members worked to meat the deadlines – combining work of designers, project and site managers, and technicians. The exclusive furnishings by Lema Contract were specially selected and customized for the hotel from the design company’s HQ in Giussano as well as the UK office in the heart of London.

All images courtesy of ©Lema Contract