Jennings Hotel Room No. 1 in Joseph, Oregon by Coil + Drift

Jennings Hotel Room No. 1 is a minimalist space located in Joseph, Oregon, designed by Coil + Drift. The Jennings Hotel is delighted to announce the opening of its newest room designed by John Sorensen-Jolink of New York-based studio Coil + Drift.

Nestled deep in the majestic and rural Eastern Oregon countryside the Jennings Hotel is a 12-room hotel in an beautifully restored 2-story building in the town of Joseph. When Sorensen-Jolink was tapped by Hennes and his partner Ashely Tackett to design one of the last untouched rooms in the hotel he jumped at the opportunity, having spent many childhood Summer holidays in the town of Joseph, swimming in the nearby crystal-clear Wallowa Lake. He decided to transform the small room into a cozy den-like space, painting the walls a rich grey, building a custom platform bed, and covering a wall in woven cane.

“Being given this creative freedom was thrilling”, says Sorensen-Jolink. “Hotels are, at their essence, homescapes where we can step into a world outside our everyday life and dream. I wanted to create a space that might inspire dreaming.” The petit space features a custom-made lacquered desk and Soren chair, a June Mirror, and custom turned-brass coat hooks. Sorensen-Jolink sourced vintage accessories like a brass bean scoop and vintage letter opener from a local antique shop. Keep an eye out this spring when the Jennings Hotel will open its final room, which is being designed by BDDW founder Tyler Hayes.