Extra Seating Workplace Environment by MIKOMAX Smart Office in Warsaw, Poland

Extra seating in a workplace environment is always useful, so when MIKOMAX Smart Office was designing the office for DVK Euro Service, a fuel and service card provider in Warsaw, Poland, they decided to create a wall that would house extra seats.
From a distance, the black wall with cut-outs looks like an artwork, however once someone gets close enough, it’s clear that the wall is storage for the stools.

By creating individual cut-outs for the stools, it allows each stool to have a designated storage space, however the stools are easily accessible, as the top and bottom of the hourglass shape overhang the storage spot, making it simple for someone to grab the lip of the stool.

Photography by Katarzyna Seliga-Wroblewska and Marcin Wroblewski of Fotomohito