Atelier Chair by TAF

Artek presents Atelier Chair by Stockholm-based design and architecture practice TAF Studio. The Swedish duo has also been commissioned to design the presentation. By means of materials and composition the photogenic installation at imm highlights the characteristics of the universal wooden chair.

Elevated on perforated steel podiums, the chair appears to be almost weightless. The presentation of the Atelier Chair from different angles is reminiscent of technical drawings, while the aluminium cladding of the space offers a contrast to the careful craftsmanship that went into the wooden chair. A group of chairs demonstrates the stackability of the product, suggesting practical usage in different kinds of spaces.
Designed for a museum, made for everyday use The Atelier Chair was designed for the new restaurant of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and derives its name from the location for which it was designed: it evokes an artist’s atelier. Commissioned by the museum as part of its extensive renovations, TAF Studio partnered with Artek to realise a universal wooden chair for public and private spaces. Atelier Chair’s slender proportions and geometric lines combine with simple yet elegant details, such as the connecting bars which hug the front legs, to create an informal aesthetic.

Lightweight, at only four kilos, the chair stacks very well. Compact and easy to move from one location to another, Atelier Chair is ideally suited to public spaces, such as the museum’s restaurant and auditorium, while equally at home at the dining table or in the office. Comfortable and versatile, Atelier Chair references an early-20th century chair by acclaimed Swedish architect Sven Markelius, which in turn was an homage to Alvar Aalto’s Chair 61 1. It is composed of solid wood and available in natural lacquered oak, ash and beech. It also comes in a choice of three colours: black, green and dark red. In keeping with Artek’s sustainable values, locally-sourced species of wood are used. Realised to exceptional standards of craftsmanship the chair impresses with a timeless elegance and will age with grace.