Equilibrium Collection by LUHOME & André Poli

Developed by LUHOME in partnership with the designer and artist André Poli, Equilibrium Collection consists of three benchs.

The centerpiece of the collection is based on a dialogue between art and design and brings in its concept this duality. The bench may lean to one side or the other, depending on how you sit on it. That is, as in the struggle between art and design, you need to find the right spot – sitting with proper posture in the bench – to achieve balance.

The pieces of equilibrium collection are made of bovine leather and wood Louro Gaucho wood. The design, inspired by the palm tree leaves, is hand drawn with razor cuts in the leather surface.

LUHOME is a Brazilian leather boutique and they are acknowledged for excellence in manual manufacturing processes, development of textures and finish with high quality natural leather.

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