Elephant Chair by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl for NORR 11

The Elephant Chair, designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl for NORR 11, is a modern interpretation of Scandinavian minimalism combined with a Japanese aesthetic.

The design is inspired by upholstered chairs of the 1950’s, also drawing visible characteristics from the already iconic Mammoth Chair which is the Elephant Chair’s big brother. The result is a light and elegant lounge chair where the Elephant ear shaped back gently curves around the body providing superior comfort.

The Elephant Chair creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in any interior space making you feel at home – which we Danish call “hygge”. The chair creates a feeling of relaxation whilst offering an upright yet comfortable seating position with the flexibility to move around.

Kristian Sofus Hansen:

With the Elephant Chair we aim to reinvent the classic wing chairs of Danish functionalism from the 1950’s but with a twist. The base is inspired by Japanese furniture design where the legs are drawn as one profile without visible joints. That gives the traditionally heavy lounge chairs a light touch that you will also see in the slightly curved seat and back. The Elephant Chair is a part of NORR11’s new collection which is based on the same foundation as our former collections; to work with natural materials, simple Scandinavian design, good craftsmanship and optimal comfort.

The Elephant Chair is produced by one of the highest quality Danish furniture manufacturers and is made using European oak. The seat and the back is made of two form-pressed oak veneer shells and the base is made from solid oak. The chair is available in three different oak finishes; natural, dark stained and black. The chair can be upholstered with various colours of vintage hide from Sørensen Leathers or five different colours of wool fabric.

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