Duld Range by KARE-DESIGN

Duld Range is a new KARE-DESIGN collection is a declaration of love to wood as a valuable raw material and to craftsmanship.

The KARE creative teams aspires to the re-use and redesign and the cooperation with traditional joineries to create the collection Duld Range as a charming series of massive wood furniture:

The new sideboards, tables and consoles tell their story in their new homes. Whenever we visit our woodcraft workshops in India we are always struck by the carefully maintained stores with their used and antique wood, carved mouldings and old wooden doors. In Europe thinking green, recycling and sustainability are still relatively young concepts.

In countries such as India, for example, valuable raw materials such as wood have always been handled with the greatest of care and respect. The possibility of making renewed use of wood and the experience of some of our cabinetmakers in the techniques of laying parquet flooring and in woodturning inspired our product scouts to create the Duld Range.

For the fronts and tops of our Duld Range furniture we collect sections of wood, some of them old, some of them from furniture production, some already bearing traces of paint, and use them freely interpreted to form strikingly attractive and always individual designs on the model of traditional parquet patterns. The legs of the furniture are turned and we combine different types of leg for each piece. Each article is made entirely by hand, and the production process can take up to 10 days.

Duld Range articles are solid wood and are intended to last a lifetime. Each piece is unique – always as individual as your personal furnishing style.

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