Diosmos Restaurant in Gelsenkirchen, Germany by Christos Peistikos and Leonidas Chatzistergiou

The German city of Gelsenkirchen hosts Diosmos restaurant, a restaurant of traditional Greek cuisine characterised by the fashionable style of the Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers.

A pleasant and delicate light blue colour reminds of the shades of the Aegean Sea and creates the perfect background for the graphic representations of the main ingredients of Greek cuisine such as: olive oil, garlic, roman mint, that decorate the walls.

“Regarding the wallpapers, Inkiostro Bianco provides an unprecedented range of creative innovation, which is constantly updated with new products and trendy collections” states the project Architect, Mr Christos Peistikos.

The Architect has chosen a wallpaper from the Inkiostro Bianco Collection 4 for the ceiling and a customised graphic design on the wall, specifically developed according to his indications for this project. The basic idea was to use graphic elements referred to the antiquity and to Greek Classicism, hence the choice of these decorations.

The furnishing follows a linear and comfortable style, made up by special tailor-made carpentry pieces created by Greek Companies for this project. The flooring and lighting, instead, are characterised by wood effect tiles and marble slates by Italian Companies.

The combination of all these elements confer a sober and elegant, yet cozy, tone to the rooms of the restaurant.

Photo: Inkiostro Bianco