Connesso Chair by Caroline Eriksson

Everything around us is an impression of inherited interpretations from the past. What we today perceive as pure and liberating, was perhaps yesterday exclusive and oppressive. The Connesso armchair is a polished reflection of an unclean history.

The Connesso armchair by Caroline Eriksson is about what hidden information an object can contain and the complex process of a designer and sculpture.

Connesso’s monochromatic surface refers to the concealed history of Le Corbusier and his hierarchic and fascist ideas of the pure modern city.

The strong asymmetric shape stands proud as the embodiment of an ideal, however, it stands on feet that seems jagged and inadequate, almost like they are chopped into place by a violent outside force.

These form elements are not meant to be fully comprehended by the observer intuitively but are rather an expression of my design progress.

I can not work in a vacuum, everything in my work has to have meaning and have a connection to actual events in the real world – history, symbolism, human relations, et al. I believe that the result of this process is a form of design that strikes tones in both life and art and thus makes the design object multi layered, vibrant and filled with the kind of contradictions and friction that is part of the human condition and emotional life.

Photography by Sara Bergqvist

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