Class Sofa & Armchair by Carlo Colombo for DITRE ITALIA

The Class sofa and armchair line by Carlo Colombo is defined by pared-down lines and purity of form with an upholstered shell whose edges are slightly rounded to confer a soft look to the object as a whole. The structure connects the seat surface to the backrest and defines the armrest, offering a natural and ergonomic support.

The cushions are positioned within the shell and emerge slightly above the backrest and seat, which give this product line its dynamic look.

The Class sofa is fruit of an accurate research process which always starts out from a precise function and an ergonomic study. The assertive, rounded and simple line is associated with a seating comfort that lends itself to residential interiors, but also adapts well to contract applications. The sofa is available in different sizes as well as an armchair model. The feet may be fabric or leather covered, a stand-out detail conferring an organic look to this design project.


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