Cabinet de Curiosité by Fabrice Berrux

Divided in six different modules which can be freely mixed and matched to achieve the desired configuration, it is the closest solution to a museum display case, perfect for private interiors.

To warm up a bookcase so that it doesn’t look like just the average bookcase with shelves filled with lines of books, takes time. Meaning of a lifetime, which relevant moment after relevant moment on those same shelves stratifies objects, keepsakes and framed photographs. This addition is very often almost inevitable, even to those strict in keeping surfaces clean from any random souvenirs. In many cases so invasive to the point of obscuring any book spines. Which brings the question: why did you bought a bookcase in the first place? Better shifting to a Cabinet de Curiosité, namely a piece of furniture where to house all of your knick-knacks, at least with a sense of proportions and importance. Coincidentally, Bonaldo just launched a model such as that. And since the designer behind it is French Fabrice Berrux, this particular cabinet shows a penchant for the clever use of niches.

Multiplied in six different modules, which can be mixed and matched freely to achieve the desired configuration. And with an arch shaped façade each. A detail which, even though Fabrice doesn’t say exactly, could be the affectionate evocation element of which it represents its personification: “This bookcase is a tribute to my parisian grandfather. There was one room in his apartment which fascinated me more than any other. It was the room he occupied every evening until late at night: his office, or better, his room of wonders, his ‘cabinet de curiosité’. A place for thinking, for creating, for recalling memories, packed with paintings, masks, sculptures, and a thousand other ‘essential’ objects”. Fifteen years later, after his – supposedly – very last visit to that room, here the solution right where between books and all sorts of objects there’s no room for a compromise. And to prevail, this time, is curiosité.

The object of the day: Cabinet de Curiosité. Manufacturer: Bonaldo. Designer: Fabrice Berrux. Materiale: mat lacquered wood. Basic dimensions: 120x34x206 h.

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