C House in São Paulo, Brazil by Studio Arthur Casas

Casa C is located in the central part of São Paulo, in one of the rare neighborhoods where it is forbidden to build high rises. The plot is narrow and deep, which renders the task of making a project with open-air spaces and gardens more difficult. Retreats are short and, in order to meet the client’s demands for a house where he could feel nature, we had to rethink the distribution of the program.

All service areas where displaced to the basement, thus liberating space for common areas in the ground floor. The sidewalls were covered with stone and a linear garden blurs visual limits, creating depth. The feeling of being outside in the common areas is enhanced by large structural spans and sliding glass doors. Living room, dining room and kitchen are continuous, receiving natural illumination from the garden and the zenithal opening along the side wall.

Stairs are made of floating wooden steps suspended by steel cables above the entrance corridor, in a straight line connecting all three floors. In the first floor there are three bedrooms and a home theater. Panels made of wood laths offer visual protection from nearby houses, preserving natural light and ventilation.

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