Budapest Coffee Table by Francesco Rotondale for Formabilio

Budapest, designed by Fracesco Rotondale for Formabilio, as the city it bears the name of, this coffee table has two parts that, if placed together, gives shape to a completely new form. It is a functional side table, that really captivate the attention for its delicate elegance and clean line.

The contrasting materials and finishing enhance the element duality. Beautiful and practical, with a minimal design that makes it always in harmony with any interior style.

Francesco Rotondale:

Budapest comes from a reflection on the relationship between the parts and the rest, the name itself evokes a city where the river is both connection and division. As for Budapest coffee table unity is the final form, the individual parts in fact, while maintaining their individuality, become a real product only when combined together.

Francesco Rotondale was born in Naples in 1974, in 2002 he graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II and then started working immediately. Concurrently he earned the Master’s Degree in “Eco-oriented integrated design” focusing on furniture and boats design. Today he is the owner, with Emilia Abate, of STUDIO 74RAM, working mainly on interior design projects by seeking consistency between personal language, materials and customer requirements. Beside the Studio he is also working in the product design field, for both Design Brands and his personal limited-edition collection. He is living and working in Naples. Francesco says: “Design, comes from the curiosity that give us cause for thought to better understand and that, anyway, never makes us feel content. I think that the motto ‘Unity is form’ is perfect for Formabilio!!”

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