Arch Bookshelf by Note Design Studio for Fogia

Arch is one of five new products designed by Note Design Studio for Fogia this Stockholm Furniture Fair. When Note got the brief had an idea of making a bookshelf as important as any other furniture in the room. A bookshelf is an extremely practical piece of furniture and it should therefore be threaten with some extra care design-vise. They started out with stripping it down to the essential parts, shelves and a bearing structure.

With Fogias brand in mind they wanted to make an elegant bookshelf that not only displays the object in it beautifully but also let the room show the best of itself. Arch’s significant arches are the key feature but are also what keeps the parts together. Using bent wood made it possible to keep the structure light and also a part of the architectural expression.

In the earlier stage of the project the designers sketched on a more traditional body and size but their minds were more drawn to the possibilities to rearrange and create different kinds of settings depending of the user needs. So by splitting it up in different volumes/parts and made them wall mounted it became more versatile. The idea is that of a bookshelf that you bring with you wherever you move, howsoever you live, thru your whole life.

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