ORSITALIA presents the new double bed, model AMBRA, contemporary luxury baroque, tufted upholstery, with a baroque detail at the center of the bed head of the king or queen size.

The tailor-made royal bed Ambra handmade by Orsiitalia, it is a classic Baroque model with solid wooden frame. It draws inspiration from the styles of the past, remake with a contemporary design by skilled Italian handicraftsmen of Orsitalia. To strongly characterize the project is the head slightly curved at the sides, precious made with a crown carved, in natural beech wood and polished color white gold.

The designer wanted to give, to the central baroque carving, a warm finish that matches perfectly to the velvet chosen to dress the new luxury bed. The textile showed in the picture is a high quality Vi/Co Velvet, cream color, with a new treatment three-dimensional effect that makes it softer to the touch.

The tufted headboard has small jewelry buttons that can be customize in shapes, materials and colors, giving more uniqueness and style to this piece of furniture.

To conclude, AMBRA is distinguished by high quality of the materials used and the skill of artisans who with extreme care give life to each centimeter of Orsitalia products.

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