Alper Presents 2016 Collection in Colour-themed Installation

Italian furniture company Arper has highlighted the new colours and materials within its range by styling furniture and props into single-hued scenes.

This year’s Arper exhibition was conceived by Jeannette Altherr – one of the partners at Spanish creative consultancy studio Lievore Altherr Molina – in collaboration with consultants 2×4 and stylist Stef Bakker.

The team created a series of dioramas to display Arper’s products, each focused around a single colour to suggest a scene.

“Each vignette uses colour in a essential way: a mono-tone, but explored in rich nuances of materials. The point of departure for each vignette was actually not the colour, but always the new product within the group,” Altherr told Dezeen.

“Different versions, compositions or uses were distributed along the vignettes to show a representative overview of their possibilities,” she continued.

Bakker created the final styling for each of the stages, arranging furniture and props like actors within the sets.

In each, the colour, lighting and arrangement are all intended to invoke a specific mood, such as a dark-blue nighttime scene with low lighting and illuminated stars behind.

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