Ahuehuetes Norte Apartment by Taller David Dana in Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México, México

Located in a residential building in Bosques de las Lomas, the design process for this apartment was approached from a sober perspective in architecture, a monochrome scale interrupted by color accents provided by vegetation and subtle details in the furniture. The composition aspires to reflect a timeless space capable of providing comfort and sense for those who inhabit

One of the compositional axes of the Ahuehuetes Norte Apartment was the consideration of the panoramic views to the exterior that are framed by the abundant vegetation, a main characteristic of the area, a factor that influenced the configuration of the two levels of the apartment, having as a main objective the creation of an inner atmosphere, comfortable and in harmony with the elements that surround it.

Accessing the ground floor you are welcomed by a bold and striking marble element. Taking advantage of the length of the main space, the living room and dining room visually communicate and complement each other by their relationship with the terrace and the views to the outside, generated by large windows. The relationship of the kitchen with the dining room is achieved through a set of fine glass doors, which generates a convergence between the two spaces, and at the same time, a set of views becomes present thanks to the reflections created by the vertical garden that decorates the far end of the dining room.

The configuration established on the upper floor integrates private spaces, in which the finishing palette reflects a sober and comfortable atmosphere. Within this level, the family room becomes a meeting point for complementary spaces, which can function as a common or private space. The exhibition of contrasts in the space are noted by materials such as marble and wood, concrete and steel, these materials come together to create a dynamic set that preserves a coherent color range and some details that contribute to a sensitive and balanced image.

The main bedroom stands out for its composition of materials and warm tones, having communication to the outside through the terrace and granting an interesting visual of the surrounding vegetation. On the other side of the space is the main bathroom, which acts as a link between the bedroom and a large walk in closet, however at the same time delimits the space through an inked glass and a series of blinds.