570 Gender Chair by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina

Gender, an ever-changing armchair for a new domestic landscape. The name of the Gender armchair derives from its changing identity based on chromatic and material combinations in an encounter between two formally independent shapes that make up its form: one is structural, flexible and enveloping, the other with a soft interior to more appropriately identify the seat.

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina, the Gender armchair is dressed in layers, with textures and colours that meet and contrast to create an adaptable lexicon in relation to its surrounding environment. The armchair freely crosses traditional male/female barriers and is intended to be sober or bold, strong or delicate. Playing with its identity is left to the end user and often depends on the relation with its setting.

The Gender armchair represents Cassina’s innovation in the research for quality tailoring with the construction of a complex and sophisticated dress which fits over a polyurethane foam structure with a flexible backrest. The soft cushioned interior of the armchair dialogues in contrast to its exterior which is traced with a coloured leather profile. Gender’s high and cocooning backrest embraces the body and becomes even more comfortable thanks to the 15° movement that tilts and springs back into position. Two black saddle leather or iridescent leather ‘slip-ons’ cover Gender’s feet to complete its look. The chair is available in five colour combinations.

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