33 Cuscini Sofa by Paolo Rizzatto for Driade

If you were asked how many pillows you needed to make a sofa, what would your answer be? For Paolo Rizzatto, the answer would be 33. That’s the number of pillows he used to create the 33 Cuscini Sofa for Driade.

33 Cuscini Sofa by Paolo Rizzatto for Driade

The pillows don’t simply equip the sofa, they build it. 33 Cuscini Sofa brings to mind the bygone days when a sofa was nothing more than a bunch of pillows positioned against a bench on the floor.

Adding a colorful sofa to your living room is a great way to update the space. Colorful sofas add depth and dimension to spaces. If you are tired of gray, white, and black sofas, get the 33 Cuscini Sofa. Its bold and bright colors make it the perfect accent piece for your home.

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