Two Story Flat Roof Home by Davis Ink Family in San Diego, California

In general, we tend to avoid residential projects. The pace is typically too slow for the A.D.D. minds of the Davis-Ink crew. However, upon taking a tour of the proposed job site, we fell in love.

The existing structure had incredible history and although it was in disarray, the architectural bones were phenomenal. The two story flat roof home, which floated gracefully above the valley in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, had the feel of Frank Lloyd Wrights “falling water” project.

In addition, the couple we would be designing for were very cool people. They had a love for mid-century modernism, a love for industrial inspired design and had an incredible collection of “Mao Tse Tung” communist era propaganda art. The design consisted of mid-century modern with industrial inspired elements and rustic artifacts reconfigured into contemporary art.

Some of the main design features take place in the living room such as a hanging chain water feature, custom industrial steel bar, concrete walls with propaganda art and a random patterned wood plank ceiling.

We placed random “wow factor” discoveries throughout the home such as a custom rope chandelier and funky hexagonal tile in the kitchen, and a two story tall steel screen “sculpture” wall in the stairwell.