Tips for Incorporating Bar Stools into Your Home

Gone are the days when bar stools can only be seen in bars. Today, these pieces of furniture are now used in home interiors as functional furniture, such as your kitchen or basement bar area. You might even have some in your backyard patio area. They can be a highlight of a kitchen space that elevates the general ambiance of the home. If you want to try incorporating bar stools into your interiors, here are some of the things you must know:

Compare Bar Stool Types

You can choose from different types of bar stools, including:

Industrial Stools

These stools are the most commonly used type, as it is easy to work into any kitchen concept. They can complement any kind of kitchen island. Industrial bar stools are mostly made from iron, stainless steel, rough wood, or a combination of these materials that look good and stand out on any kitchen decor. If you want more flexibility in designing your kitchen, then these are for you.

Suspended Style Bar Stools

These bar stools are ideal for homes that have a modern or contemporary theme. But, they also work for rustic homes. Several homeowners also prefer this bar stool type because it allows them to save space while benefiting from a functional yet trendy style. If you want to experiment kitchen design, you may try incorporating suspended style bar stools.

Fabric Seat Bar Stools

If the idea of having a bar stool that appears too stiff and structured, then a fabric seat bar tools is ideal for you. They are comfortable and allow you to choose from many different types of fabrics that would match your kitchen’s overall decor. Style Nations has tons of fabric seat bar stools that you can choose from.

Wicker Bar Stools

If you prefer to decorate your outdoor kitchen with bar stools, then wicker bar stools should be your top choice. It allows you to create a homey and aesthetically appealing outdoor kitchen.

Mid-Century Bar Stools

One of the unique bar stool designs in the market is the mid-century bar stool. Don’t let its name fool you as it can be used not only in a mid-century styled home but even in a modern one. While it can have bold colors, it can also bring a delicate touch into your home.

Bar Stool Height

When you need to choose bar stools, you have to consider the height of the chair carefully and whether it would match your kitchen island’s height. Make sure that you measure your bar counter from the top until it touches the floor. Your bar stool and kitchen island height’s difference is about 300mm.

This difference is the same as what most dining tables and office desks consider a comfortable height. If you are going to order bar stools that come with arms rests, then you have to consider how high the armrests would be, especially if you would tuck the stools under your island counter.

Pick Bar Stools with Unique Features

Most of the bar stools now come with unique features that allow them to stand out from the rest. Some would have rotating or swivel seats, while some would have removable fabric coverings. Go with the ones that suit your lifestyle.

Buy What You Need

Furniture shopping can be overwhelming, and you might be tempted to buy as many bar stools as possible. You should stick to how many you need. Don’t buy too many and end up cramping up your space.

Bar stools are a unique addition to any home space. It adds tons of character to your home while still maintaining functionality. Keep our tips in mind so you can easily incorporate bar stools into your interiors.


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