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Booleanos Cabinet by Joel Escalona

The Mexican designer Joel Escalona has created the Booleanos cabinet with an incredible optical effect. Inspired by concepts such as construction and deconstruction, transparencies, chromatic circles and addition-subtraction. This cabinet was designed by using different wood finishes, each piece is ...

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Halo Light by Stephanie Ng

Inspired by a halo type light source, the Halo Modular Light by Stephanie Ng offers lighting without any hot spots or visible globes, appealing to both the domestic and commercial market. Simple, sleek lines for a minimalistic take, a lighting ...

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Labo by Something for Penta

Labo by Something for Penta is a collection of lamps made from borosilicate glass and as its name suggests, inspired by instruments from chemistry laboratories. By eliminating the rather technical aspects, often present in these types of lamps, Labo aims ...

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Nod by Morten Jonas

Nod is a minimalist lamp created by Norway-based designer Morten Jonas. The design welcomes you with a friendly nod. It features a big lampshade that gives plenty of light in all the right places. The light is constructed of coated ...

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