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Ishi Desk by Amitrani

The light design of Ishi Desk from Italian studio Amitrani is generated by a simple algorithm. A group of points is placed randomly on the area of the base. Another group of points is always positioned in a random manner ...

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Flow Desk by Robyn Luk

Flow is a desk by Robyn Luk designed for happiness. Inspired by the idea of imbuing furniture with the power to bring happiness to many generations, this desk resulted from exploring how attention to form and material can provide a ...

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OXYMORON Desk by Anna Lotova

Spanish designer Anna Lotova has created the OXYMORON Desk that includes a fabric pocket. As a designer I hold value in exploring the optimal communicative strength of the materials that I work with. OXYMORON is a workplace with a lot ...

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Secret Desk by Magdalena Tekieli

Designed by Magdalena Tekieli, Secret Desk is also meant for office spaces and features a clever “mechanism” of hiding objects inside. Characterized by gravity (another word for work efficiency), the desk is able to fold and unfold, depending to the ...

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Woven Desk by Bram Vanderbeke

A personal workspace creates a higher concentration at work, but reduces social contact. When these two principles are combined in a functional way, we create a workplace that allows people to work with concentration, but without losing contact with their ...

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Conrad Desk by Gus* Design Group

The Conrad Desk by Gus* Design Group is a compact home office desk with a strong Mid-Century pedigree. All surfaces are finished in walnut, to contrast the slender, tubular stainless steel legs and brushed aluminum drawer pulls. The main drawer ...

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