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Solid Armchair by Manutti

Solid is fashioned from solid teak and reputed for its infallible durability. Its lines simultaneously evoke the power of an extensively crafted wood, solidity with a backrest joined to both the legs and the arm rests, and comfort thanks to ...

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Sumo Armchair by Maison Dada

Sumo armchair is an obvious nod to the Japanese modern martial art and full-contact wrestling form that is Sumo. Only practised professionally in Japan, Sumo encompasses the quintessence of traditions, identity and strength. With four sturdy legs and a burly ...

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Curv Armchair by Stattmann

Curv chair is a lightweight solid wood chair, available with and without armrests. The design is marked by an interplay of straight lines, oval shapes and soft curves. The construction uses bent solid wood for the back rest and the ...

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Colina Armchairs by Arper

Soft yet sculptural, Colina is a family of armchairs, elegant in silhouette and generous by design. Though originally created to complement the fluid architecture of the modular sofa system Loop, its adaptive, organic form and diverse range of options invites ...

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