Root Bench in Seoul, South Korea by Yong Ju Lee Architecture

Yong Ju Lee Architecture have designed the Root Bench, a circular-shaped public art sculpture that also acts as a piece of public furniture in the Hangang Art Park in Seoul, South Korea.

The bench was designed to represent the appearance of a tree root spreading throughout the park.

The diameter of the ‘The Root’ is 98 feet (30m) and it creates a strong contrast to the background of spacious outdoor park. The furniture it creates with ‘the roots’ has three different heights, a small chair for children, and chair for adults, and a table.

The bench has a metal frame with concrete footings that support the overall form, while a wooden deck covers it. At night, lighting underneath the seating and tables creates an interesting effect, and allows the design to still be interacted with as it gets darker.

Photography by Kyungsub Shin