Minimalist Furniture Collection “Mutiple” by Seungyeon Shim

Mutiple is a minimalist furniture collection created by Seoul-based designer Seungyeon Shim. The collection of steel furniture is designed from three different types of chair, stool, and bench, starting with a square shape made of sheet steel. Whole seatings are composed laser cut and bent sheet steel, flat steel-bar, and round steel-pipe.

Seats made of thin sheet metal give a visual lightness, and due to the nature of the material, the more you use it, the more natural like leather is. This feature also provides a slight comfort when the user seats, complementing the limitations of steel furniture. The collection is powder-coated in various colours and suitable for both home and commercial use.

The main focus of this project was to find some newness by using or combining basic and common materials in a slightly different way, rather than looking for new form or refined styles. The backrest of the chair is inspired by the method of making a vernacular handcart. This method, often seen on street-structures using round pipes, creates a structure by flattening the end of the pipe with a press and connecting it with the flat bar.

Likewise, without adding the parts as much as possible on the bench, the structure was made by sheet metal bending, reducing the manufacturing process. In Seoul, it was hard to manufacture high-grade steel furniture, so even if it was not expensive equipment such as moulds, it needed a way. This approach, which takes full advantage of these limitations in manufacturing, not only lowers manufacturing costs but also provides unique details.