Minimalist Collection of Objects and Pieces “Desert Collection” by Hagit Pincovici

Desert Collection is a minimalist collection of objects and pieces being presented at the Lorenzelli Gallery created by Milan-based designer Hagit Pincovici. The new collection 2019 Desert was born during an extensive period of time traveling through the desert, while the designer immersed herself into the solitude of the landscape. Alone in the element the designer took her time to observing a multitude of rocky formations with endless chromatic variations. It was this exposure to Mother Nature and the grandeur of the landscape that gave the creative spark to the Israeli designer Hagit Pincovici to translate her emotions into a collection of design objects.

The textural aspect and the porosity of the materials are inspirations which evoke emotions. The Desert is a juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity. The actual sand is used not only for its chromatic value but also as a malleable mold that shapes the aluminum in order to create a new magic effect. The craftsmanship and knowledge of the artist in handling the stone preserve intact the energy of the stone itself as a mineral.

Over the Milan Design Week 2019, Hagit Pincovici is excited to introduce her brand new collection of unique small objects, divided into five groups, where each individual in the group differentiate itself by a small detail explored separately. In the creative process of putting the collection together the designer experiments new techniques far and beyond what she had done in previous projects, trying to explore new boundaries. Hagit Pincovici’s new Collection is hosted at Lorenzelli Gallery over the entire Milano design week 2019. Selected paintings will be used as backdrop of the collection.