Lyra Lounge Chair by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia

The aim of the Lyra chaise lounge design was to introduce a forgotten category into the modern home. A longer chair with raised support for the legs and a wide seating area that allows for relaxation and comfort without taking up too much space.

The chaise lounge is flexibly designed, you can either relax by yourself or “snuggle up” and read a book to someone close to you. The steel frame is wrapped by canvas which creates a light weight structure that is understandable and moveable. The upholstery comes in either leather or textile, giving the chair a soft, delicate look that invites you in.

Lyra’s comfort stems from the upholstery elements, one of Fogia’s key calling cards, but Engesvik has been keen to let the materials and craft do some of the talking. It’s also light enough to be moved around a space if required by a single person.