Hugg Modular Sofa by Mustafa Čohadžić for Gazzda

After a long day, all one needs is the warmth and comfort of a hug and so Gazzda created a comfy and inviting sofa as the perfect solution – Hugg Sofa. Upon first glance, Hugg is reminiscent of a cloud formation, ready to nestle you, with distinct rounded arm and backrests, it provides the sofa with a sense of identity, making it a true statement piece in any space.

Hugg’s unique design makes it a standout piece, highlighted by its prominent wooden mask. It is this very element that inspired the name, as it arcs around the sides, gently “hugging” the sofa.

Thanks to its modularity, Hugg allows for customization and configuration with eleven modular pieces to choose from, making it suitable for any living space and purpose. To add even more comfort, additional cushions can be added to adjust the seat depth and accommodate your personal preferences.

Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look or a more contemporary feel, the Hugg Sofa can be customized to suit your needs.