Choose the Right Renovation Contractor

In many instances Renoassistance thinks that it is more cost-effective to renovate an existing home than to upgrade to a new one. Moving home costs time and money, and you may end up having to renovate the new place to get it how you want it. Your current home may be perfect apart from a few issues, so why not call a renovation cotractor to find out how much your dream bathroom, kitchen, or extension will likely cost?

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Asking for word of mouth recommendations is always a good call. Ask family and friends if they know of any contractors they trust and would neighbours did of us have horror stories of contractors we have had bad experiences with. Asking around helps neighbours’oid the worst offenders.
Check out your neighbors’ properties. Have they had any work done? Does the work look to be a decent standard? Were the contractors polite, hard-working, and efficient? Talk to your neighbors and find out if they had a positive experience. If they did, give the contractor a call and ask for a quote.

Check Licenses

Contractors are licensed by the state. Licenses are needed for various things, including residential contracting, electrical work, plumbing, gas, HVAC, and asbestos remediation. Look up your contractor on your state’s database. If they don’t have the required licensing, walk away.

Verify Previous Work

Many contractors these days have a website. They use their website to post photos of previous jobs. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to renovation jobs, this is very true. Wouldn’t you rather see a photo of a luxury kitchen than read a description of it?
Don’t take photos or chat about previous jobs at face value. Verify the contractor has actually done the work. If they claim to have fitted a new kitchen at one of your neighbor’s homes, pop round to see if you can see the work in person. You need to know whether the work was completed to a good standard before you have any work done on your own home.

Does the Contractor Have Insurance?

Insurance is important. Contractor’s insurance protects you and the contractor from accidents and damage to people and property. You need to know you are covered if the contractor cuts through a gas line and your home explodes. Ask the contractor to show you his insurance certification. If he can’t do this, walk away and find someone else to do the work.

Relevant Experience

Many contractors are a Jack of all trades. They can do a bit of everything. This is fine, but it may be better to hire someone who specializes in the type of work you are looking for. For example, if you have plans for a luxury bathroom, look for a contractor who does this type of work every day, as he/she will have the experience to cope with all the little problems that may arise.
Take your time when choosing a contractor. Otherwise, your decision could come back to haunt you.