Aviator Keramik Lift Dining Table by Paolo Cattelan for Cattelan Italia

Aviator Keramik Lift is a height-adjustable table which combines the demands of a smart lifestyle with the appeal of contemporary luxury furniture. This model of lift-up table was designed from the creative pen of Paolo Cattelan, but above all it was created with a very clear idea of the kind of needs it is capable of satisfying. This is dedicated to all those who love conviviality and opening the doors of their homes to friends and relatives, without the formalities that belong to a bygone era.

The easy and intuitive electronic mechanism makes this adjustable design table particularly suitable for an Italian-style apéritif or a standing dinner where flexibility is key. You know when it starts but you never know when it will end. We have created a wonderful and useful tool, designed for those who do not take themselves too seriously, for those for whom genuine relationships are more important than table settings, and for furnishing a modern designer living room informally and flexibly, without ever neglecting elegance.

Cattelan Italia’s stylistic signature is evident in the steel base, composed of an irregularly shaped plate and a central column lined with two concave shells. An exclusive finish for the base is introduced with this model: Oxybrass, made of oxidised brass entirely freehand brushed. Last but not least, the shaped top is available in a number of fascinating shades inspired by natural stones and marbles.

The Aviator Keramik Lift table opens the door to countless possible uses and ensures unforgettable moments, sitting or standing, around it.