A New Fast Casual Restaurant by CRÈME / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design in New York

CRÈME / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design has recently completed ‘Mint Kitchen’, a 50-seat fast casual restaurant, that’s located in the heart of the West Village in New York.

Inside, leather banquette seating in Garret Glazed bourbon is juxtaposed by a wall of live plants hanging in woven cane and wood boxes.

Hidden lighting within the boxes highlights the decorative elements within, while the the floor is a mixture of concrete tiles and grey stained wood

The space revolves around an open kitchen layout and a copper coated Taboon Oven that acts as a focal point. The kitchen’s backsplash is covered in Emerald Clear Moresque tiles, with quartz “ZODIAQ” London Sky countertops, and tambour wood paneled facades.

Photography by Taran Wilkhu