A Furniture Selection Guide For An Open Space Office

Offices used to have ordinary furniture, but today we see them mostly furnished with high-quality pieces that promote good health, relaxation, and collaboration. Nowadays, you can even match your office furniture to the office interior to make the space more appealing. You can also customize your office furniture for a one-of-a-kind space. Besides, settling for customized open space office furniture will make your office unique and help you work within a budget because you’ll purchase furniture according to the number of your employees. Meanwhile, customized office furniture pieces increase productivity as they must fit employees’ needs.

Nevertheless, choosing furniture for an open space office can be daunting, even if it may sound too easy. You might not know the right furniture for your space, especially when the size of the office is in the picture.

Fortunately, there are things you can consider to narrow down your search. You can also seek professional help from leading interior design companies such as Crest interior services and similar firms to help you choose the right furniture for your space.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best and most functional furniture for your open space office:

Comfort Is Key

Avoid choosing quantity over comfort when choosing furniture for your open space office. Every employee needs to be comfortable to work at their best. It’s vital to note that sitting for an hour in uncomfortable chairs might result in neck and back issues, affecting your company’s productivity when employees request sick leave. That said, it’s essential to ensure you settle for comfortability.

Pick out seats with soft materials and those that promote good posture and enhance physical health. You can also invest in standing work tables for employees to stretch their legs after hours of sitting down. Remember, comfortable seats shouldn’t only be in the working area. The social area should also be furnished with snug seats and tables to assure your employees that you value their comfort.

Settle For Acoustic Furniture

Open office floor plans are usually noisy, especially if the walls aren’t soundproof. While you might not have enough funds to soundproof your office, you might have an extra budget to invest in acoustic furniture. This reduces the noise in an open office while improving concentration, resulting in an ideal office your employees would often talk about with their peers. Consider furniture with soft lining, porous fabrics, or other acoustic insulators that can absorb sounds in the office.

Go With Collaborative Furniture

Nothing encourages collaborations and enhances coworking spirit like collaborative furniture. Moreover, this type of furniture promotes productivity and working relationships. Collaborative furniture for an open space office also pushes engagement in the office and makes the working space livelier and more functional. For a more relaxed workspace, consider investing in shared tables, desks, and comfy seats to make the area appear more welcoming.

Factor In Storage Solutions

Besides the challenges of designing an open floor plan, you might also face challenges regarding storage. Luckily, you can choose to invest in office furniture that can also double as storage. This might include double desks, wall space shelves, and under-the-desk storage. With such furniture, you can rest assured that you don’t need to invest in separate storage because employees can already store their valuables in what’s already available.

Consider Available Space

With large spaces, the tendency is to invest in furniture that takes up most of the area, making the room appear tiny. Therefore, pick the right furniture for the working space without compromising its appearance. For instance, you can invest in cushy and functional furniture like corner desks, expandable and foldable chairs, compact desks, and all-in-one furniture of different measurements that can be used in various offices due to their flexibility.

Understanding the correct office furniture to set in a specific area should allow you to visualize where to conduct certain activities in your office. If you think your office looks disorganized due to overcrowded furniture, they aren’t the right ones for your space.

Give Customization A Try

When shopping for furniture for your open space office, check if customization is possible according to employees’ requirements. Different employees have varying needs and preferences when it comes to seating. Some prefer working while seated at a particular level, while others have back problems that require specialized chairs. That said, the furniture you pick out should suit different individual needs.


Choosing furniture for an open space office shouldn’t be challenging. All you need is to understand your office requirements based on your employees’ needs. Ensure the furniture you invest in will benefit the clients and employees in terms of comfort and health support. Furthermore, the furniture should fit into the working space without overcrowding it. However, if you still have doubts about choosing the right furniture, don’t shy away from seeking professional help as experts know better.