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Designed for small interiors — Zen reception desk remains fully functional in its simple form. The construction that consists of three rectangular segments catches everyone’s eyes while staying in compliance with minimalistic trends. LED backlight fulfills the aesthetic and practical roles: cold saturation of the color is elegant and simultaneously it has a stimulating effect and supports concentration.
The collection ‘Zen’ by MDD Office Furniture is high functional and beautifully crafted product. The company presents a huge variety of products for all industrial office interiors. Unique industrial reception desks from this collection are customizable for any preferences.
With an asymmetrically, illuminated body, the three elegant blocks the ZEN reception desk is made of, speaks of nothing but high quality. This sleek design that stand on its own is small and compact, but does not compromise on the quality and other important features that is available in the larger ranges.
The design is modern and very eye-catching and consists of three rectangular boxes as the reception counter. Finished in grey pastel color, these reception desks are completed with aluminum kick plate to give the desk its aesthetic appeal and bold look.
The variety of products presented in this collection doesn’t leave anything to be desired. The collection ‘Zen’ by MDD Office Furniture is the best decision to be installed in any interior.

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HPL (White Pastel or Aluminum Satinato)


HPL (White Pastel or Aluminum Satinato)

Kick plate

HPL - brushed aluminum


MFC 1 1/8"; possible heights: 26 6/8", 28 3/8", 32 5/8"

LED Illumination

At the full length of the reception desk, cold white color (verging on the blue shade)

Optional Drawer

Comes with lock


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