Type of Delivery:
Freight Curb Side Delivery, Curb Side Delivery, UPS or FedEx Shipments

Curbside delivery means that the shipper will bring the package to your address, pull the truck up to the front of your house, load the package(s) onto the lift gate on the back of the truck, lower the lift, and push the package(s) onto the sidewalk in front of your house. If there is not an incline or stairs leading to your house, they may wheel the package(s) to your door. But, the point of curbside delivery is that the package(s) are too heavy for one delivery person to haul up an incline or upstairs, and it will be your responsibility to bring the item inside. It is also your responsibility to unpack the item, completing any necessary assembly, remove the debris.

This type of service is also known as LTL Service:
This generally applies to smaller items, such as artwork, nightstands, mirrors, office chairs, lamp, etc. will ship via UPS or FedEx (Standard Delivery). Additionally, some manufacturers, such as NPD, Zuo are all delivered via a 3rd party carrier service. These type of orders will be delivered and brought to your home (or building entrance). However, the customer is responsible for bringing the products into the home and assembling if it is necessary.

We have a shipping service to this state when we ship palletized goods to your home. No inside delivery or assembly.
Inside Delivery:
Not available
Inside Delivery with Assembly:
Not available
Shipping Cost:
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Free Shipping:
Available on all orders over $1000 for MDD Office Furniture brand and on items marked «Free Shipping» on product page.
Estimated Delivery Time:
Approximately 8-14 days (for the Stock items)
Tax Free