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Partition Walls & Screens

3 Product(s)

Partition Walls & Screens

3 Product(s)

Office partition walls and screens are often associated with a boring and depressing work environment.  Sohomod is trying to change this perception regarding partition walls and screens by offering them in dynamic shapes and exciting colors, which are perfected to maximize the functional utility of the space.  

Sohomod makes it certain that you can remodel your office space without spending a lot of money. If you are looking for more of a casual yet elegant compartmentalization of the floor, then we recommend you to look at our freestanding partition walls.  To create a disciplined workspace with fewer distractions and for better concentration levels, you can check out our cubic partition walls.

Our freestanding partition walls are made of separate panels that can be placed at varied angles, which enables you to do instant customization of your office floor.  

Apart from dividing the space into compartments and portions to optimize its functional use, our partition walls and screens also help with the efficient use of natural light. They also come in handy to block unwanted sunlight that heats up the office interior and racks up energy bills.

Partition walls and screens also serve as a tool of office décor.  By picking our dynamic panel designs in a range of animated colors, you can add a lot of visual substance to your office space without spending anything on separate office décor.

We are offering all our partition walls and screens in different fabric materials, and colors. Moreover, you can pick from a wide range of sizes that are perfect to draw partitions on every office floor in the best possible manner.

 Sohomod is offering every partition wall and screen in its inventory at discounted rates.  Look at our collection and select the right divider option for your office space now.