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Planika See Through Fireplaces

With fire displayed from two parallel sides, the see through fireplaces will bring the most original look to your interior. The one of a kind tunnel view allows to merge two open spaces by maintain the visual connection between them. With Planika’s see through fireplaces you can enjoy the same natural flame in two different rooms.

All the automatic fireplaces by Planika utilise the cutting-edge BEV™ Technology. The advanced features of this patented combustion system allow for the fireplace installation without a chimney or any other hard connections and brings various arrangement possibilities, including the tunnel solution. The see-through solution provides a unique fireplace design with two parallel sides open to maintain visual connection with another room or outdoor space.

The casing with a double sided view is an interesting and innovative design solution. The see-through fireplaces give you the possibility to combine two different room concepts with a common fire.

Fire Line Automatic 2 Model E

Perfect Table Decoration For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces This automatic and highly functional product sets the charming atmosphere of real fire in the room. It is a continuation of luxurious line of fireplaces, carefully prepared by the engineers of Planika. FLA2 model E is the simplest, yet smart and stylish way to obtain the endless line of fire. Customised to even the most unique concept, ribbon burner gives unlimited arrangement possibilities as it grasps the fire in the form of the endless line.

2 levels
Flame Height
0.9 gal / 1.2 gal
Tank Capacity
4 - 6h / 3.5 - 6.5h
Burning Time
Diode panel
optional remote

$5300 Buy

Fire Line Automatic 3

Get Inspired With Innovative Fire Design Solution Perfectly suitable for any unique design, Fire Line Automatic 3 is the innovative linear fireplace that meets need of architects and designers all over the world. This long ethanol fireplace can be built in the wall, a piece of furniture or positioned on the ground. In addition, FLA3 can be painted in any RAL color. There’s also possibility of creating endless line of fire, by joining several units together. Planika allows you to control FLA 3 fireplace by using web application on your smart device. Based on innovative technology, products can be tailored to fit any sophisticated project.

6 levels
Flame Height
2 gal
Tank Capacity
4 - 9.5h
Burning Time
LCD display, remote, mobile control

$10500 Buy