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Planika Fires is a leading manufacturer of intelligent bio fireplaces. Combining advanced technology with modern design, Planika creates unique and environmentally friendly ethanol based fires.

Patented BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) technology implemented in automatic fireplaces, allowed to achieve the cleanest combustion process. The only by products of burning are heat, water vapour and CO2 in amounts comparable to a human breath. There is no contact between the fuel and the flames, which joined with the most advanced technological solutions, makes Planika’s fireplaces the safest devices on the market. With architects and designers in mind, Planika introduced Fire Line Automatic - the ultimate bio fireplace allowing to create an endless line of real fire. The device can be adjusted to a specific project and is fully controlled with remote control, control panel, mobile devices and Smart Home Systems.

The natural golden flames can also create a wonderful atmosphere and become an eye-catching feature I any outdoor space. The innovative Commerce burner technology implies filling the burner with highly absorbent ceramic fibres. They keep the fuel inside the burner, avoiding the risk of leaks even in case the device falls over. Therefore Planika products are the safest on the market and can be used in commercial areas, such as hotels, restaurants, SPA etc.

Fire Design, a new category of design started by Planika takes the bio fireplace sector to the next level.

Planika has moved away from the traditional approach to this kind of product. The diversity of forms emphasizes the concept of Planika Fires and allows the introduction of fire into the most sophisticated spaces.

All Indoor Solutions

Bio Fireplace Inserts

A Fire Open From All Sides Enjoy the classic design with a modern fire. Enjoy open-flame with our intelligent bio fireplace inserts with unlimited arrangement possibilities.

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Modular Ethanol Inserts

The Endless Line Of Real Fire Never before in the industry has been possible to create an endless long line of fire. Planika achieved this goal by developing modular smart fireplace inserts specifically designed to be joined together. Create your own line of real fire in any length.

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Custom Length Fireplaces

The Personalized Fire Shorter or longer? We know our customers may have non-standard requirements, which is why we offer advanced bio fireplace inserts in customized lengths, designed specifically to your needs.

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Custom Shape Fireplaces

A Solution To Satisfy Your Needs With our range of customization options, it is possible to create intelligent fireplaces in variety of shapes and configurations. Give your fireplace a unique look of its own to make your interior design exceptional.

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Ethanol Fireboxes

Intelligent Fire In Classic Casing An ethanol fireplace in casing with front fireview provides elegance and warmth to spaces of all kinds. This ready to build-in insert is a solution for those, who look for modern fireplaces in classic design.

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See Through Fireplaces

Intelligent Fire In Classic Casing Our see-through ethanol fireplaces bring the most interesting and elegant aesthetics to any interior. Its unique design allows to keep the visual connection between spaces and provides the most natural flames in two rooms with only one fireplace.

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Double Sided Fireplaces

A Fireplace In Casing With Corner Fireview An automatic fireplace designed in a casing with two open sides for even more visible flames. Installed in the end of the wall, the front and left/right fireview creates the natural draw into the room, giving the space a touch of architectural interest.

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Three Sided Fireplaces

A Fireplace In Casing With The Widest Fireview An automatic fireplace designed in a casing with two open sides for even more visible flames. Installed in the end of the wall, the front and left/right fireview creates the natural draw into the room, giving the space a touch of architectural interest.

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Room Divider Fireplaces

To Break Up Open Space Planika’s three sides open fireplace makes a unique showstopper for contemporary living rooms or any other open concept interior. The room divider breaks up the interior, creating two separate spaces with one fireplace.

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Freestanding Bio Fireplace

Plug & Play Solution The contemporary solution for the maximum comfort and unlimited arrangement possibilities. Planika’s freestanding bio fireplaces with plug & play installation ensure instant natural fire in any interior.

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All Outdoor Solutions

Tabletop Bio Fireplaces

Petit Fireplaces For Any Space Tabletop fireplaces are a perfect addition for any yard, patio or garden, bringing unique ambiance during long evenings. Small size and portable form makes our fireplaces universal and convenient for use.

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Portable Outdoor Bio Fireplaces

Fire Furniture For Your Garden Planika’s contemporary bio fireplaces will give your outdoor space a gorgeous ambience and natural light. You can rearrange the position of the fireplace anytime. Enjoy the most natural fire in the natural environment.

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Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplaces

Modern Fire For Outdoor Spaces Discover the real beauty of linear fireplaces in your garden. We offer both freestanding and insert gas fireplaces with two fuel options - LPG or Natural Gas. A perfect combination for outdoor purposes.

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