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Essentials For Living

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The catalog of Sohomod.com store offers a wide selection of living furniture by the Essentials brand. The company has also developed a line of double beds and a range of outdoor furniture.

Features of products by Essentials

The brand's collections are dominated by the modern style. Its features include a laconic color scheme, no decor, and simple shapes. However, the designers often employ intriguing solutions:

  • The frames of the outdoor models are made of wood, but decorated with wicker inserts. This gives the products airiness and highlights their uniqueness.
  • Most beds come with high headrests. For their decoration, they use carving and carriage tie (as in the classic style) and glass or mirror inserts (as in the high-tech style).
  • When decorating chairs and tables, the emphasis is made on unusual shapes of the base (carved figures, cones, and S-shapes).
  • The brand avoids experimenting with colors, but also doesn't go deep into practical dark tones. Instead, attention is paid to light shades — white, milky, light gray, and walnut. Such furniture will look fantastic even in a small room: it will add light and volume to the space.

We offer an official warranty and first-supplier prices. You can order delivery and assembly of furniture.

306 Product(s)