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Weave Cupboard by Lukas Dahlén

Swedish designer Lukas Dahlén has created the Weave cupboard. Inspired by the most common kind of wood and weed weaving the Weave cupboard represents an enlarged version of the technique of weaving something soft around a more stable structure. The ...

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Chopin Sofa by Tomek Rygalik

Polish designer Tomek Rygalik has created the Chopin sofa for the furniture manufacturer Comforty. The strong gesture gives the form a unique design expression, where simplicity is topped with asymmetry. On the functional side it is a three-in-one – a ...

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Chester by Kåre Frandsen

Chester by Kåre Frandsen is a fresh interpretation of the classic Chesterfield lounge chair. The classic and stout expression has been replaced by a lighter and more refreshing version. The wooden base adds warmth and character to the upholstered chair. ...

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