Jingrui • Providence Place Model Villa by DA GROUP in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China

DA Group was invited to design a model villa of the residential development “PROVIDENCE PLACE” by Jingrui Real Estate Group. Situated at Ningbo, China, the project combines both functionality and aesthetics, and presents a new quality lifestyle via the delicate and entry-luxury furniture. Focusing on the material palette and spatial expression, the designers applied “minimalism” to the interior design, and eventually created a dynamic and diversified spatial effect.

The unique duplex space brings more privacy. With a modern and minimalist style, every inch of the space was fully utilized and optimized.

In the living room, the royal blue sofa echoes black marbles, and the TV wall is shaped with gray cracked marbles, gorgeous as well as charming. The interior is furnished with exquisite pure copper lines and luxurious stones, as well as situational light sources, generating a noble temperament in a low-key way.

The marble texture of the dining table matches well with the interior color palette, creating a tranquil ambience. With elegant and tactile designs, the whole dining room is rendered extremely warm and lovely.

The corridor is an extension of the space, revealing modern people’s pursuit of a quality and low-profile luxury life, as well as generating a feeling of warmth and freedom. Colors utilized in the space are calming and unostentatious, showing the perfect integration of low-key luxury and noble temperament.

In the master suite, the design team created a separate bathroom and a strong clothes storage system to satisfy the demand for high-quality life, and adopted a color palette similar to that of the living room, simple but coordinated and striking. The bed features a simple shape and humanized design, with soft padding and pillows made of comfortable cotton.

Through incorporating bright colors and lovely formations, the designers made the little girl’s room a fascinating wonderland, full of light and mildness.

Parent-child entertainment area
The design of the boy’s room emphasizes privacy and utilizes fashionable elements according to the boy’s preferences, thereby resulting in an independent and personalized space for him to enjoy music.

The mezzanine area functions as home bar & cinema. Considering that the original space was relatively narrow, the designers made full use of stainless steel with mirror finish, which was cut into pieces of different sizes and arranged on the walls and ceiling, thereby enhanced the sense of space in both horizontal and vertical directions, added delicacy to the space and created a dynamic rhythm of overall material placement. In addition, the stainless steel enjoys advantages over mirror glass in terms of cost and installation. To highlight the luxury feature of the space, the designers gave the stainless steel with golden mirror finish, which is perfectly matched with the curved velvet sofa in flamboyant red, together producing unexpected dramatic effect.

The small bar enables the family to invite a few friends to drink some wine around the stove and talk about life while watching movies.

Photography: THREEIMAGES